1. Introduction

Signal Processing and Advanced Intelligence (SPAI) group has been established in 2012. This group is led by Prof. Jiwon Yoon at Cyber Defense Department and School of Information Security, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

This group does research on all area of intelligence:

- Signal Intelligence (SIGINT): Microwave, Audio, Satellite Image Analysis

- Crypto Intelligence (CrypINT): Cryptanalysis

- Artificial Intelligence (AI): Bayesian Inference

- Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Crime Analysis

In addition, several theories and applications are studied in this lab as follows:

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* Theory:

1. Statistical signal processing

(Applied mathematics & Statistics)

- Bayesian Model Selection

- Monte Carlo (MCMC, SMC, and ABC algorithms)

- Spatio-temporal large scale signal prediction and filtering

- Fast approximation for large scale data analysis

- Anomaly detection

2. Privacy Preserving Signal Processing

- Homomorphic Encryption

- Privacy preserving data mining

3. Information Theory and coding theory

- Honey encryption

- Compression

4. Control Theory for robotics

- Nonlinear dynamics for data with massive dimension

* Applications:

1. Intelligence Research

- Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

- Crime Detection

- Terrorism and Count Terrorism

- Automatic decision of incorrect information

2. Signal and Information Processing for cyber security

- Cyber Physical System (CPS) with IoT Security

- Tempest for audio and image signals

- Energy and transportation system analysis

- Steganoanalysis and digital Image Forensics,

3. Robot Design and Analysis

- Drone and robot development

- Fault Tolerance Control system

- Automatic Control of massive objects

4. Other applications

- Smart city security

- Bio-signal processing

- Secure Genomic Signal processing

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This Lab is located at Center for Information Security Technologies, Korea University, Seoul, Rep. Korea.